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The 2019 Global EduFest has come to an end with the hugely successful conduct of the Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad editions. More than 70 Universities from 9 countries participated along with other stakeholders like the ETS, British Council, PTE, financial partners like Bank of Baroda, Avanse, Auxilo, Incred etc. Special thanks to the Mumbai and Hyderabad Consulates of the USA and to Education USA too for participating in the Edufest. Special thanks to all the students and parents who visited and made the EduFest the kind of successful event it has been over the years. Thanks to all the Education Institutes which encouraged students to participate in the Global EduFest in large numbers. We move on to a bigger and better edition of the Global Edufest 2020.

Why should you Attend Global Edufest

The IMFS Global EduFest aims to serve as a ‘segue’ between the large talent pool of students from India seeking high standards of globally relevant education and many prestigious international Universities. Tremendous untapped potential hides many a Picassos, Aryabhattas, Michelangelos, and Einsteins in its folds, and we at IMFS are committed to help students and universities unravel it!


The EduFest brings together a plethora of universities from around the globe, while also adding the strength of our renowned counselling team at the same venue. Thus, this is a prime opportunity for you to understand foreign education and its intricacies from the experts



In addition to unfettered communication, the EduFest also hosts seminars delivered by universities including Syracuse, Texas Tech, and the University of Texas; as well as a closing address and AMA with Prof. KP Singh! The concentration of insightful expertise at the EduFest, thus will help answer any questions you might have pertaining to foreign education.



Through the EduFest, you stand to meet professors, deans, and admissions personnel from myriad colleges; this in turn is an incredible boon when you do decide to study abroad as you already have insight into the university. Moreover meeting like-minded students will allow you the opportunity to make friends and create a safety net no matter which university you go to.



Through the EduFest, we being to you a taste of what studying abroad could be like. You will be able to interact with like-minded students, reputed counsellors, and university professionals; thus gaining an understanding into the fundamentals of foreign education


Growth Of EduFest

With an exponential growth in footfall since its inception in 2013, every passing increment of the IMFS Global Edufest has seen bigger crowds in larger venues. Besides extending beyond Mumbai & Pune into the educational hub of Hyderabad, the IMFS Global EduFest 2019 promises the attendance of over 7000 aspirants visiting the university booths. The participating students come from various campuses and specializations spanning literature, Mass Communications, Engineering, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Biotechnology and Business Management to name a few.

Participating Universities

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