What is IMFS Global EduFest

The IMFS Global EduFest aims to serve as a segue between the large talent pool of students from India, and a myriad prestigious international Universities.

With tremendous potential hiding many a Picasso, Einstein, and Aryabhatta, the entire IMFS team is committed to help students and universities unearth and polish these intellectual gems from across Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. Our students bring with them indubitable potential, strong communication skill, and a hunger to succeed.

Besides this, the Edufest also aims at bringing together a plethora of elite universities, while allowing for an environment conducive to direct interaction between university representatives, and our student body. Desirous of a relationship built on trust and shared goals, the IMFS Global Edufest serves as a platform for universities, students, and the IMFS team to learn from, and grow with each other.

What to expect at IMFS Global EduFest 2019

With an exponential growth in footfall since its inception in 2013, every passing increment of the IMFS Global Edufest has seen bigger crowds in larger venues. Besides extending beyond Mumbai & Pune into the educational hub of Hyderabad, the IMFS Global EduFest 2019 promises the attendance over 8000 aspirants visiting the university booths. The participating students come from various campuses and specializations spanning literature, Mass Communications, Engineering, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Biotechnology and Business Management to name a few.

EduFest Mumbai - 2019

With our roots in the city of Mumbai, IMFS can attest not only to the quantity but also the quality of students herein. Serviced by 237 colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai, we are certain of an intellectually capable, curious, and ambitious student body. This, allied to our historical presence in the foreign education sector of the city, makes Mumbai an ideal base of operations for the Edufest. Our Mumbai edition will commence at 10 am on October the 13th, 2019 and will see seminars through the day.

EduFest Pune - 2019

Pune, historical heart of the Maratha empire, and modern sister city to Mumbai has grown apace with its more illustrious neighbour. With 135 college affiliated to the well-respected Pune University, Pune offers a unique opportunity to interact with students from across the country. Our growing presence in this hub of commerce and policy, as well as the innate intelligence of the student body here, makes Pune an ideal location for the second leg of the IMFS Global Edufest. Our Pune Edition takes place on the 15th of October, 2019.

EduFest Hyderabad - 2019

As a hub of higher learning, and research, Hyderabad boasts of some of the most pre-eminent universities in India. With over 430 colleges in and around the Hyderabad metropolitian area, Hyderabad offers the opportunity to converse and interact with a focussed, diligent, and highly intellectual student body, Allied to the rigorous and research oriented study they undergo, makes these students prime consideration for any educational Institute in the USA, Europe, Australia, and beyond. Our Hyderabad Leg of the Edufest shall commence on the 17th of October and this part of the EduFest shall also see the introduction of school visit as a part of the EduFest.

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Meet more than 7000+ bright Indian minds ‘The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” These golden words by Confucius are deeply ingrained in the IMFS philosophy. Tapping potential for excellence through extensive coaching, mentoring and accessing opportunities has been our chosen endeavor and our commitment comes through in the ever-increasing number of students and universities who place their trust in us! Since 2013, the IMFS Global EduFest has seen the two thousand odd students grow to over six thousand by the year 2017. From 13, the visiting universities have moved to 50 in 2017. The success story of every student and every satisfied visiting university has written the tremendous growth story that IMFS stands for today. In line with our tradition of excellence, IMFS Global EduFest 2019, too brings forth our commitment to bridge potential with opportunity in a conducive and empowering environment. Ensuring maximum footfall, both quantitatively and qualitatively, infrastructural ambience facilitating prolific interactions between the university representatives and the students, abundant brand presence and exhaustive database on students and their queries make the IMFS Global EduFest a win-win opportunity for both the students and the universities. ~ K.P. Singh (CEO IMFS)

To register, please write back to us: edufest@imfs.co.in

EduFest over the years History

The IMFS Global EduFest was inaugurated in 2013. We realised fairly early on, that a key requirement for wise decisions in education revolved around knowledge; knowledge of universities, courses, faculty, and of life abroad. With this in mind, the EduFest was conceived of in order to bring universities and students together, and to facilitate interaction between student, and university. Our first EduFest was held in the ballroom of the Lalit Hotel, Mumbai, and saw 13 universities interact with nearly 2000 students! Over the succeeding years, we focussed first on increasing our capacity to target more students, and to host an ever expanding delegation of universities. Moreover, we also initiated university seminars, financial assistance aids, and FAQ sessions with Prof KP Singh, all aimed at further disseminating knowledge to students, and thus, opening their eyes to the magnificent possibilities that exist for foreign study. This has allowed us to grow the EduFest across the Western and Southern parts of India, and we now boast of a 3 city event spanning Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad, while hosting more than 60 universities!

International Universities

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13th October

The Westin Mumbai Garden City,Oberoi garden city, International business park,yashodham,Goregaon Mumbai

Phone: +91 22 24320102 / 04
Email: info@imfs.co.in

15th October

MIT,Gate no 140,Loni – kalbhor,Rajbaugh,Solapur- Pune Hwy,Pune :- 412201

Phone: +91 22 24320102 / 04
Email: info@imfs.co.in

17th October

Marigold Hotel,7-1-25,Greensland,Begumpet, Hyderabad,Telangana 500016

Phone: +91 22 24320102 / 04
Email: info@imfs.co.in

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